License / Price: Freeware
Version: 2.5
Language: English
Developer: NSA and Red Hat
OS: Linux
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SELinux OS

Security Enhanced Linux (SELinux) is a security enhancement to Linux implementing mandatory access control (MAC).
Users and processes can be granted their least required privileges in a much more granular way than with traditional Unix access control.
For example, you can define a policy to prevent your web browser from reading your SSH keys.
The security model of SELinux has been ported to other operating systems; see SEBSD for FreeBSD and Project fmac for OpenSolaris.

NodeZero was formally known as Ubuntu Pentest Edition and was the 1st Ubuntu/Gnome based pentesting distro that was released.

[Note]:  SELinux isn’t a distribution by itself but a security enhancement to Linux that can be enabled by your distribution or vendor (or yourself if you are very motivated)

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