Milano Master

License / Price: Freeware
Version: 1.01
Language: English
File size: 6.2 MB
Developer: Rook Security
OS: Windows/Unix/Mac
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Are you 100% sure your devices aren’t infected by Hacking Team surveillance malware whether that means you might be a target of some government or a victim of some cyber scum-sucker who re-purposed Hacking Team’s malware? Sure Adobe and Microsoft have issued emergency patches in response to the leaked Hacking Team exploits, but wouldn’t it be wise to scan your computer and make sure it’s not infected? Now you can check if your computer is compromised by Hacking Team’s spyware as Rook Security released a free detection tool, dubbed ‘Milano,’ to help individuals and organizations find out if their machines are infected.

The newest version of Milano was improved from 40 file hashes to 312 malicious or weaponizable file hashes, Rook Security’s Tom Gorup said yesterday when announcing the release of Milano v1.0.1. The updated IOC’s (Indicators of Compromise) are bundled with the new Milano version. “It is not necessary to download both Milano and the IOC files. We provided both to allow users to leverage this information with any tool in their arsenal.”

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