License / Price: Freeware
Version: 3.0.1
Language: English
File size: 3.5 MB
Developer: Bill Pugh
OS: Windows/Linux/Mac
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FindBugs is a program to find bugs in Java programs. It looks for instances of “bug patterns” — code instances that are likely to be errors.


To use FindBugs, you need a runtime environment compatible with Java 2 Standard Edition, version 1.5 or later. FindBugs is platform independent, and is known to run on GNU/Linux, Windows, and MacOS X platforms.

You should have at least 512 MB of memory to use FindBugs. To analyze very large projects, more memory may be needed.

If you are running FindBugs on a Windows system, double-click on the file %FINDBUGS_HOME%\lib\findbugs.jar to start the FindBugs GUI.

On a Unix, Linux, or Mac OS X system, run the $FINDBUGS_HOME/bin/findbugs script, or run the command

java -jar $FINDBUGS_HOME/lib/findbugs.jar

to run the FindBugs GUI.

Refer to Chapter 5, Using the FindBugs GUI for information on how to use the GUI.

2. Executing FindBugs

This section describes how to invoke the FindBugs program. There are two ways to invoke FindBugs: directly, or using a wrapper script.

2.1. Direct invocation of FindBugs

The preferred method of running FindBugs is to directly execute $FINDBUGS_HOME/lib/findbugs.jar using the -jar command line switch of the JVM (java) executable. (Versions of FindBugs prior to 1.3.5 required a wrapper script to invoke FindBugs.)

The general syntax of invoking FindBugs directly is the following:

    java [JVM arguments] -jar $FINDBUGS_HOME/lib/findbugs.jar options...

2.1.1. Choosing the User Interface

The first command line option chooses the FindBugs user interface to execute. Possible values are:

  • -gui: runs the graphical user interface (GUI)
  • -textui: runs the command line user interface
  • -version: displays the FindBugs version number
  • -help: displays help information for the FindBugs command line user interface
  • -gui1: executes the original (obsolete) FindBugs graphical user interface

More Documentation to build up with source and configuration:

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