EnCase Forensic

License / Price: Shareware
Version: v6.19.6
Language: English
File size: 115MB
Developer: Guidance Software, Inc.
OS: Windows ( XP or Later )
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200px-EnCase_logoEnCase Forensic

An effective tool for digital forensic investigation


EnCase® Forensic, the industry-standard computer investigation solution, is for forensic practitioners who need to conduct efficient, forensically sound data collection and investigations using a repeatable and defensible process.


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The proven, powerful, and trusted EnCase® Forensic solution, lets examiners acquire data from a wide variety of devices, unearth potential evidence with disk level forensic analysis, and craft comprehensive reports on their findings, all while maintaining the integrity of their evidence.


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  • Alabi Qozim Diekola :

    Thanks for a wonderful job, i am finding forensic investigation to be very interest, so this software would be very useful for me.

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