Dangerours Google Hacking Database and Attacks

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Developer: Michal Piotrowski
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Dangerours Google Hacking Database and Attacks

Dangerours Google Hacking Database and Attacks.Google serves some 80 percent of all search queries on the Internet, mak- ing it by far the most popular search engine.

Its popularity is due not only to excel- lent search effectiveness, but also extensive querying capabilities. However, we should also remember that the Internet is a highly dynamic medium, so the results presented by Google are not always up-to-date – some search results might be stale, while other relevant resources might not yet have been visited by Googlebot (the automatic script that browses and indexes Web resources for Google).

What You Will Learn…

•  how to use Google to find sources of personal information and other confidential data,

•  how to find information about vulnerable sys- tems and Web services,

•  how to locate publicly available network de- vices using Google.

What You Should Know…

•  how to use a Web browser,

•  basic rules of operation of the HTTP protocol.

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